A quick way out of a life sentence

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President on September 6, 2006

The United Kingdom abolished their capital punishment laws the same year they decriminalized abortion but is now considering voluntary euthanasia for prisoners facing a life time in jail. Mark Leech, described as an ex con who ‘turned his life around’ is editor of the Prisons Handbook and favors this pro-active practice. Holding up Dignitas, the euthanasia clinic in Zurich as the model for his program — the same Dignitas known for suicide tourism as people arrive almost everyday from neighboring countries to end it all. Leech is convinced that we each have one life and it is our life to do with as we wish and as long as checks and balances are in place, no worries. The checks and balances are: mental state is in tact, aware that the decision is irreversible and that this is his life to do with as he wants. An odd list of checks and balances for someone who is facing the reality of a life time in jail with no way out–other than drinking the hemlock.

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