Scot Volunteers Ready to Help Commit Suicides

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I have discussed the assisted suicide legislation pending in Scotland that would authorize trained ”facilitators” to help people kill themselves. Well, we have volunteers! From the STV story: At least 25 people have volunteered to help people end their lives if assisted suicide is legalised in Scotland… Facilitators, who must not have any existing relationship to the […]

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Should Doctors Aid Self-Starvation?

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A disturbing sign of the times: The focus on hastening death grows ever more intense. Euthanasia groups, for example, increasingly push VSED–”voluntary stop eating and drinking”–to become dead. But the rigors and pain associated with self-starvation require a doctor’s help to accomplish. The question is whether helping patients starve/dehydrate themselves to death is a proper medical intervention. […]

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Reduce Infant Health Risks: Reduce Multiple Embryo IVF Transfers

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Earlier this week the National Perinatal Association (NPA), which represents the U.S. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) professionals and parents issued a new position statement recommending that IVF clinics only engage in single embryo transfers. In their statement, the NPA recognized that: Risks linked to ART [assisted reproductive technologies] multiple births resulting from more than […]

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To Love–or Kill–Disabled Children?

Sometimes life gives me emotional whiplash. On one hand, a little Canadian girl named Emma narrates a sweet short film, embedded above, about her younger brother Teddy, disabled by cerebral palsy. Teddy is valued and loved. From the New York Times op/ed introduction to the film by Teddy’s mother, Kelly Obrien: My daughter Emma was just 3 […]

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Suicide Push Not “Liberty on the March”

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The Hemlock Society Compassion and Choices spends millions a year–much from the culturally subversive George Soros–pushing the legalization of doctor-prescribed death. It is an ideological quest that divides the American people pretty much down the middle. Regardless of polling numbers–which can vary based on how the questions are asked–legalizing assisted suicide is definitely not a high agenda […]

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STAP Stem Cell Study Boo Boo

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A bit ago, a stem cell researcher made international headlines claiming to have turned skin cells into pluripotent stem cells (STAP) using an acid bath–a seeming advance beyond induced pluripotent stem cells. But other researchers have been unable to duplicate the result. And now, the author has called for her own paper’s retraction. From the New […]

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Spring Cleaning Sale

We’re doing some Spring cleaning to clear out some space in the office and get ready for the new season. This means we’re offering extremely low prices on the items below. Perhaps the best deal is our Third-Party Reproduction Trilogy—get ALL THREE films for the price of one. These prices won’t last (and quantities on […]

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Psychiatrist Opens Door to “Rational Suicide”

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I have been warning for many years about the “rational suicide” movement within the mental health professions. The latest thrust to have psychiatrists sanction some suicidal patients’ self-destruction was just published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry–alarming considering the euthanasia movement’s current energetic attempts to legalize doctor-facilitated death there. Psychiatrist Angela Ho argues that helping keep […]

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Pushing Experimentation Without Consent

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The New England Journal of Medicine–ever more radically utilitarian, in my view–has an article by prominent bioethicists urging that some less dangerous (comparative effectiveness research) medical experimentation be conducted on patients without our consent. The call arises in the context of Obamacare and medical technocrats seeking to transform our hospitals, clinics, and medical offices into ”learning health care systems,” in […]

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UK House of Commons Assisted Suicide Vote?

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I have traveled to the UK several times at the invitation of local activists to help them hold back the doctor-prescribed death tide. I have spoken thrice in the House of Commons building at the invitation of Labour MPs. I have spoken at a rally in Trafalgar Square. I have traveled from Manchester to Glasgow […]

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