I Really Need Your Help!

As you have no doubt seen, we have received a lot of media attention for our work and especially for our most recent film, Breeders: A Subclass of Women? in the past few weeks. This media coverage has brought several responses. It has brought a number of intense, hateful, and vicious comments directed at me […]

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GG Bridge Suicide Barrier Violates Right to Death

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We are told continually by the “right to die” crowd that suicide/euthanasia is the “ultimate civil liberty.” Indeed, these purveyors of suicide argue that we all of the RIGHT to determine the time, manner, method, and place of death. If that is so, the Golden Gate Bridge District Board of Directors are civil rights abusers! […]

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Starving Patients Who Eat Next Stop on Slippery Slope

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No line in bioethics is ever fixed.  Rather, the push to eradicate the boundaries that keep medical professionalism tied to Hippocratic values (sniffed at as “paternalism” by many in the field) continues unabated, with new boundary lines created, consolidated, and then moved again into ever-more extreme territory. Some call this, the “slippery slope.” Case in point: Suicide […]

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Wisconsin Democrats Endorse Assisted Suicide

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Disability rights activists are, generally speaking, part of the Democratic coalition. They also, generally speaking, are the country’s most effective opponents of assisted suicide. I hope my disability rights activist friends take note that the Wisconsin Democratic Party has now explicitly endorsed assisted suicide. From the 2014 Wisconsin Democratic Party Platform: We believe in freedom […]

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On Surrogacy, “Breeders?”, and TPR

Two new pieces on surrogacy, Breeders: A Subclass of Women?, and third-party reproduction have hit the internet this morning. First is a profile piece at ABC News, which is drawing a lot of comments on ABC’s website as well as some, well, less than civil discourse on twitter. Woman Sets Out to Ban Surrogacy Both […]

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Dutch MDs: Prepare to Kill More Alzheimer’s Patients!

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A Dutch report shows that Alzheimer’s disease will cause more deaths soon than lung cancer. From the story: Dementia will be the biggest cause of death in the Netherlands by 2030, overtaking lung cancer, the public health institute RIVM says in a new report… Lung cancer accounted for 8% of deaths in 2012, followed by […]

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Breeders in NY and DC

We had great screenings of Breeders: A Subclass of Women? in New York and DC last week. Both audiences were very engaged with the film, which made for great Q&A and discussion after the screening. Below are a few pictures that will give you just a taste of what it was like. If you weren’t […]

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No to Coerced Vasectomy

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A Virgnia plea deal is coercing a man into a vasectomy. From the CBS story: A Virginia man who has fathered children with several women has agreed to get a vasectomy to reduce his prison term by up to five years in a child endangerment case that has evoked the country’s dark history of forced […]

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Facts about “Voluntary Stop Eating and Drinking”

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The invaluable Patients Rights Council (for whom I am a paid consultant) has published a badly needed fact sheet on the newest craze in suicide advocacy–voluntary self starvation/dehydration–known in death promoting parlance as Voluntary Stop Eating and Drinking, or VSED. Here are some excerpts from the PRC Fact Sheet: 2. Is VSED suicide? Yes. VSED is intended to cause death. Suicide is defined as […]

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What if Jahi McMath is Alive?

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A news story reports that Jahi McMath, declared dead by the State of California, is being maintained at a Catholic hospital in New Jersey. More, that she may be becoming responsive. From the San Jose Mercury News story: KPIX reported that she is receiving round-the-clock care and has responded to commands, moving specific parts of her […]

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