The Other Option: To Remain Childless?

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A common critique of our work in the area of reproductive technology is that we’re unsympathetic to the couples, particularly the women, who desperately want a child to call their own. In both our films and our writing, we aim to highlight the strong, natural desire to procreate, while also recognizing that it must be […]

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A Lethal Legacy: Hurricane Katrina and the Indignity of Euthanasia

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A new book tells the harrowing story of Memorial Medical Center, where some physicians took the lives of their patients during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. When Hurricane Katrina battered the Gulf Coast and devastated New Orleans in 2005, many wondered what would become of the fabled city and its French-and-African fused culture. Katrina was […]

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Surrogates Speaking Up and Speaking Out

Our Christopher White has “Hot Topic” item on surrogacy on the Human Life Review blog. In it, he highlights the far-reaching effects of the practice. Surrogacy never concerns just one person’s decision-making capacity. In addition to the women involved, the process also affects the children conceived through this method, and a host of other individuals. […]

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The Giver and Our Not So Dystopian Society

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The case of Baby Gammy opened the eyes of the world to the cruelty that can often come into play in surrogate pregnancy arrangements—especially when a child is discovered to have some form of disability. Unfortunately, it seems the Baby Gammy case is not an outlier. The Telegraph is reporting on a new situation where […]

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Why Doctors Must Not Kill—Still!

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Earlier this week a woman in British Columbia committed suicide as an act of protest against Canada’s ban on physician assisted suicide. An article in the Vancouver Sun describes her final moments: Bennett, who was 85 and in the early stages of dementia, chose to take her own life with a draught of good whiskey, […]

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Jennifer Lahl and Breeders? Featured on ABC’s Nightline

The ABC News program Nightline last night examined the practice of surrogacy, prominently featuring Jennifer Lahl, our film Breeders: A Subclass of Women?, as well as Tanya and Jessica from the film in their coverage. The video is embedded below, or you can watch it and read a transcript on the ABC News website. ABC […]

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This Deserves to be Read Far and Wide

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Australian feminist health researcher Dr. Renate Klein has written a timely and important article on surrogacy, particularly in the wake of the scandal surrounding the Baby Gammy case. Specifically, she is responding to those who claim that regulation will cure all that is wrong with surrogacy. Her view differs considerably: As a critic of the […]

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Transhumanism’s Eugenic Authoritarianism

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Transhumanism is selfish, all about me-me, I-I. Its goal is immortality for those currently alive, and the right to radically remake themselves and their progeny in their own image. Zoltan Istvan, an up-and-comer transhumanist, is very good at promoting himself and his ideas. (I met him at a transhumanist and religion conference, about which I […]

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What We’re Reading

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Here’s a sampling of news and opinion items the CBC staff has been reading recently. ABC Australia, “Breaking the Code: Donor-Conceived Children Search for Identity of Fathers and their Biological Heritage” When you go to see your doctor, you assume that he or she will keep an accurate record of that consultation. But that is […]

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Artificial Wombs, Real Consequences

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The recent report by transhumanist Zoltan Istvan that scientists are well on their way to successfully creating artificial wombs has caused a stir in a number of circles. Ectogenesis, the scientific name for the process, was once merely a product of fiction. For most of us, however, the reality of artificial wombs is something we […]

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Egg Freezing’s False Promises

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Today’s New York Post features an article highlighting a new low in the exploitation of women: egg-freezing parties. Sponsored by EggBanxx, the event targeted young professional women in Manhattan encouraging them to freeze their eggs as a means to free them to pursue their careers and wait until they find Mr. Right to have children. […]

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Suicide Cult Pushes Home Made Suicide Kits

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Suicide advocacy never stops. Even as the world mourns a celebrity self-destruction, Derek Humphry’s group ERGO — Euthanasia Research Guidance Organization — continues the death proselytizing — this time pushing a booklet, How to Make Your Own Helium Hood Kit. Humphry lives in Oregon, by the way. Legalization of assisted suicide does not stop suicide […]

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What’s Wrong with Third Party Assisted Reproduction?

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Here is a new resource we’ve developed in order to highlight and provide references to medical and scientific literature on issues that arise in third-party reproduction. The information is divided into three sections that address: Health and psychological risks to women serving as egg vendors or surrogates Health and psychological risks to the children born […]

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End Third-Party Conception Arrangements

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Regulations can’t solve the tangle of moral wrongs that beset surrogate motherhood. I’m no fan of third-party reproduction. Anybody who reads my writings or who has watched any of the three documentary films I have produced on the topic knows that these arrangements in my view are fraught with medical, ethical, and legal problems that […]

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Iran’s Out of Control Kidney Bazaar

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Iran is the only country in the world that legally permits the purchase of human organs. (Yes, I know it happens elsewhere.) I don’t see Iran as a country to emulate, but some have argued that it is leading the way toward a compassionate change in policy, which I opined about here. Now, unsurprisingly, news […]

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Surrogacy as a Modern Means of Slavery?

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If anyone has any doubts that surrogacy has created a market for the buying and selling of children, a new case in Thailand should put any skepticism to rest. The Brisbane Times is reporting that the Bangkok police have raided a surrogacy business where nine, six-month-old babies born via surrogacy were found. While the story […]

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Media Share Blame for Stem Cell Research Fraud

Writing in Slate, Jane C. Hu uses the high profile stem cell research lies we have seen in recent years to launch into an interesting article entitled, “Why Do Scientists Commit Fraud?” She discusses the recent bogus claim that skin cells could be turned into stem cells with chemicals (not the same thing as the […]

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Babies are Children, not “Carbon Legacies!”

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I guess it takes global warming hysteria to get the bioethics movement to criticize what is known in the trade as “artificial reproductive technologies” or ART. But now, in the ever more radical Journal of Medical Ethics, Cristina Richie, of Boston College’s Department of Theology, argues that these technologies should be regulated to limit the number […]

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