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Egg Selling Bad for Women

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AB 926 in California would permit Big Biotech to buy eggs from poor women to conduct human cloning and other experiments — potentially increasing the frequency of a practice commonly used in IVF that generally targets beautiful and brilliant college women. (New York already permits egg buying by biotech, resulting in the manufacture of the […]

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It’s Promise Breaking Time

In California, a bill that would allow researchers to pay women for their eggs is currently on the Governor’s desk, awaiting his signature or veto. At the CBC we have been very busy, working to make the very real risks of the egg retrieval process known so that both lawmakers and the public are fully […]

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Cloning Science’s War Against Poor Women

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Back when California’s Proposition 71 was being pitched — which created the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) — opponents warned that making human cloning a state constitutional right would result in the exploitation of poor women for their eggs — needed in every attempt at SCNT cloning. Responding, supporters promised to prohibit egg buying […]

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The Coming Human Cloning Controversies

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I learned about the first successful human cloning last Monday, but couldn’t write about it until Wednesday because of a news embargo. The peer reviewed paper in Cell was rushed to print because is a huge deal. But, much to my surprise, it only made mild news. There were two reasons for that I think. […]

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Human Cloning Obfuscation 4

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The Los Angeles Times has waded in to the junk biology game, assuring us that no embryos are threatened in human cloning — WHEN THE WHOLE POINT OF HUMAN CLONING IS TO CREATE AN EMBRYO! From the editorial, “The Specter of Human Cloning:” The team at OHSU, which disclosed its work in a paper published […]

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Press Release: New Research Exploits Women and Commodifies Human Life

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SAN RAMON, Calif. (May 15, 2013) – The Center for Bioethics and Culture (CBC) strongly decries the practice of deriving human embryonic stem cells through cloning because it exploits women for their eggs, it commodifies human life, and it is unnecessary. In the June 6, 2013, issue of the scientific journal Cell, […]

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Worldwide Eggsploitation: Egg Donation and Exploitation of Young Women Results in Death

For Immediate Release San Ramon, CA/July 13, 2012—News is just breaking in India about Sushma Pandey, a 17-year-old young woman who died in 2010, two days after her third “egg donation.” Her death is being attributed to the procedures used to extract eggs from healthy, desirable young females like Ms. Pandey. These eggs are often […]

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Freezers Are For Food

In the world of commercialized conception, it seems we’ve decided the freezer is a great place to keep eggs, sperm, and “spare” embryos until we need them. We think they do pretty well in the freezer, but the verdict is still out on what happens over the long haul when you freeze and store human […]

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Money Changes Everything

By Jennifer Lahl, CBC President When the news broke that Mitt and Ann Romney welcomed grandchildren numbers 17 and 18 this past Friday via “gestational surrogacy,” those of us here at CBC central—who oppose commercialized conception—wondered where the bottom is in these murky waters of assisted reproduction. Tagg Romney posted this on his facebook page […]

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IVF Clinics Supply Embryos For Destructive Research Without Consent of Egg Donors

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC When a woman donates her eggs for one purpose — to help another woman have a child — is it right and ethical to instead use embryos made from her gametes for destructive research without her knowledge or consent? A survey of IVF clinics has […]

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