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When Jennifer and I went to UC Irvine a few weeks ago to show Breeders, I casually referenced the film Gattaca during the Q&A that followed the screening. Even as I was saying it, I wondered how many people in the room had seen the film, now 17 years old. I don’t remember Gattaca being […]

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Beware Sexual Orientation Eugenic Cleansing

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Oh, oh. A scientific study has concluded that about 40% of the “cause” of (white) male homosexuality is genetic. From the Telegraph story: Homosexuality is only partly genetic with sexuality mostly based on environmental and social factors, scientists believe. A study found that, while gay men shared similar genetic make-up, it only accounted for 40 […]

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Anti Gay Eugenics Wrong

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The Left and the libertarian right are all for “choice” in reproduction. Genetic enhancement? Check. Disability cleansing via eugenic abortion and IVF genetic engineering? Check. Choosing hair color and other physical attributes? Check. Even sex selection. But what if a test is developed that can predict a predilection for homosexuality? Wait just a darn minute! […]

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Scientific Breakthrough for Down Syndrome

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Researchers have learned how to dampen gene expression of the extra 21st chromosome, which is the cause of Down syndrome. To date, there are no therapies to cure or treat Down syndrome. Last year, when I was at the Meeting in Rimini Italy, I visited the Jerome Lejeune Foundation exhibit. In July of 1958, Lejeune, […]

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The Fallacy of Intelligence and Genetic Determinism

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By Kathleen Sloan, Consultant to the CBC Once again, the mainstream media has jumped on the bandwagon of the latest attempt to link intelligence with genetics, hailing the “wunderkind” behind it. The Wall Street Journal of February 16, 2013, grabbed attention with the headline “A Genetic Code for Genius?” Any serious geneticist would easily dismiss […]

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Darwinian Joins Scientific “Regressives” Against Genetic Engineering

Neo eugenicists and would-be genetic engineers often claim that those of us who oppose their intention to engage in biological alchemy do so for strictly religious reasons. Not me. I oppose eugenics in all its forms because it violates the fundamentals of human exceptionalism by assuming that some people can be better than other people […]

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What Could Go Wrong?

Wanted: “Extremely Adventurous Female Human” to be Surrogate Mother for Neanderthal Baby No, this is not a tabloid headline you read while waiting to checkout at the grocery store or something you might find on Craigslist in the Help Wanted ads. This comes from a line by Harvard University’s prestigious geneticist, George Church, highlighted in […]

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When Greed Trumps Public Health

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By Kathleen Sloan, Consultant to the CBC Myriad Genetics, producer of the world’s biggest-selling gene test for breast and ovarian cancers, has become synonymous with corporate greed. In an egregious breach of bioethics, the company refuses to share groundbreaking knowledge that could benefit cancer patients. Myriad Genetics is deliberately withholding data that could help other […]

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Supremes to Decide Others Can Own Your Genes

The Supreme Court will decide whether human genes can be patented. From the Reuters story: The nation’s highest court in a brief order agreed to review a case over whether Myriad Genetics Inc may patent two genes linked to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. In a 2-1 ruling on August 16, a panel of the […]

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The “Gay Gene” and the New Eugenics

We don’t know what factors lead to a propensity for homosexuality. (Frankly, I don’t think any “one” thing, but that’s an unexpert opinion.) But some believe we will discover a “gay” gene. If so, that has very real eugenic implications — which I fear would mostly accrue to the deadly detriment of fetuses with said […]

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