Beware Sexual Orientation Eugenic Cleansing

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Oh, oh. A scientific study has concluded that about 40% of the “cause” of (white) male homosexuality is genetic. From the Telegraph story: Homosexuality is only partly genetic with sexuality mostly based on environmental and social factors, scientists believe. A study found that, while gay men shared similar genetic make-up, it only accounted for 40 […]

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Get Ready for a Busy 2014 in Bioethics

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My taskmasters at the CBC never allow me to rest on my laurels. Fresh off several years of stellar prognosticating, I am now forced to answer the question: “But what have you predicted, lately?” Okay, let’s take a look. Oh! Oh my. Please remember, the following predictions are what I see happening. They do not […]

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Who Cares About IVF Dangers?

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The British Medical Journal has published a cautionary article warning of the potential dangers of IVF. From “Are We Overusing IVF?” Extended use of IVF also increases the risk of harm. Multiple pregnancies are associated with maternal and perinatal complications such as gestational diabetes, fetal growth restriction, and pre-eclampsia as well as premature birth. And […]

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Why that Film Affected Me So

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A woman who just watched Breeders sent the following note: How utterly profound, sad, and revealing. I actually cried at the end of that film and I am the *antithesis* of a weeper! And I sat, somewhat stunned, in silence for about 15 minutes when the film ended — thoroughly disturbed by what I had […]

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Babies Born to Thai Surrogates in Legal Limbo

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Dozens of babies born to Thai surrogates from embryos involving Israeli fathers cannot leave the country. From The Times of Israel story: Several dozen surrogate babies born, or about to be born, in Thailand — through the arrangements of Israeli couples — are unable to come to Israel because the Interior Ministry has not granted […]

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Treating Women Like Dogs

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News is breaking of a woman in India who just gave birth to ten babies at 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is not clear from the story if this woman was a surrogate or an infertile woman undergoing IVF for her own sake. None of the babies survived, which should be of little surprise to […]

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Modern Families and the Messes We Make

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Assistive reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization not only involve serious medical risks, they also disrupt family life and commodify human beings. It almost always starts with an emotional story: an infertile couple trying desperately to conceive; a woman diagnosed with cancer, worried that she may lose her fertility when she undergoes chemotherapy or […]

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“Donate and Preserve” – Just Another Eggsploitation Gimmick?

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Connecticut’s leading fertility center, CT Fertility, run by Dr. Michael Doyle, has announced the launch of a new “Donate and Preserve” program. The program offers repeat egg donors the option to save some of their eggs for their own use later on, should they have problems conceiving. Recognizing the highly educated egg donors in their […]

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IVF Hopes—and Mostly Dreams

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Last month on NBC’s TODAY show, a couple from Missouri had an IVF embryo implantation performed live on air. This morning they returned to the show to announce their news to the world: they are successfully pregnant. Journaling about the process on the NBC website, the hopeful mother wrote the following entry before finding out […]

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Does IVF Cause More Cancer in Children or Not?

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The short answer is we don’t know. But another news story is out on a study that raises more questions than it answers regarding the harm to children born via IVF. From the story: Children born as a result of IVF are a third more likely to get cancer, a major study found. Scientists said […]

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IVF Children More Likely to Get Cancer

Perhaps people should have listened to Leon Kass rather than deride him. A recent study shows that children born from IVF are more likely to get serious cancers. From the Daily Mail story: Children born as a result of IVF are a third more likely to get cancer, a major study found. Scientists said those […]

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Now is the Time to Stop Three-Parent IVF

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The UK rubber stamp Embryo Authority has approved the manufacture of three-parent human embryos. The process is done by removing the nucleus from the egg of one woman, putting it into the enucleated egg of another, and then fertilizing with sperm. Voila, three biological parents. The approach is supposed to enable women with mitochondrial disease—who […]

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Award Custody of Embryos in Their Best Interests

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The more we remove reproduction from the normal way of having babies, the more complicated things become. Now, a court is to decide what happens to embryos after a couple splits — as if they are mere property. From the UPI story: An estranged Illinois couple are battling in court over the future of frozen […]

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Divorce Celebrity Style

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Just when I think it can’t get worse, a new story breaks that seeks to win the race to the bottom. Celebrity event planner David Tutera and his husband Ryan Jurica announced they are divorcing. But what is heartbreaking is what they are doing to the children they produced via surrogacy and egg donation – […]

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Fertility Alimony?

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In a recent New York Times editorial, Sarah Richards raised some provocative questions as to whether fertility treatment should be covered in divorce settlements. In her op-ed “Alimony for Eggs,” Richards profiles a New Jersey couple where the wife’s lawyer is arguing that the husband should pay $20,000 towards the wife’s egg freezing and storage […]

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The Fertility Industry Superhighway

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Miriam Zoll, author of the recent book Cracked Open: Liberty, Fertility and the Pursuit of High-Tech Babies, has a terrific piece out in today’s New York Times on “Selling the Fantasy of Fertility” to those struggling with infertility. She’s co-written the piece with Pamela Tsigdinos, and their voices are important as they write from their […]

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The High Costs of High-Tech Babies

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Francoise Baylis, a professor in Bioethics and Philosophy in Canada, has an important piece out on the Quebec law that pays for up to three IVF cycles out of the state-funded public health system. I wrote about this bad decision when Quebec passed the law in 2010. Is it working? Sort of. IVF cycles in […]

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Biological Colonialism = Outsourcing Ethics

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My pal William Hurlbut — formerly a member of the President’s Council on Bioethics — coined the term “outsourcing ethics.” Here’s what he means: When countries, companies, researchers, or individuals want to do something ethically questionable — but not near where they live — they go to developing nations or places mired in poverty where […]

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