Texas Still Aiming At Forced DNR

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Back in February, I complained about Texas SB. 303, which would allow doctors to impose a Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) Order on a patient’s file without consent. Since then, I have been to Austin to testify against the bill, and some salutory changes were made, although the bill still seems unacceptable to me. In […]

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Forced DNR Coming to Texas?

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Good grief! The state with the worst futile care law in the nation now has legislation pending that would enable doctors to place DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders on a patient’s chart without notice or permission — even if the patient is competent! From the text of S.B. 303 (PDF): Sec.A166.012. STATEMENT RELATING TO DO-NOT-RESUSCITATE […]

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Adult Stem Cell Clinic Moves to Mexico

I am a huge supporter of adult stem cell research. But it needs to be done in the right way. Moreover, research subjects should never be charged for their own experiments as part of a for profit business — which, unfortunately, Texas permits legally — but that is not binding on the FDA. Now, an […]

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Are Women Easy Bake Ovens?

By Elizabeth Marquardt and Jennifer Lahl The New Normal, a sitcom that debuted on NBC this fall, features a gay couple deciding to have a child. They settle upon using an egg donor and a surrogate mother, the latter described cheerfully by a fertility industry representative as “an Easy Bake Oven except with no legal […]

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Forced Dehydration for 12-Year-Old Gunshot Victim?

Texas has an awful futile care law. It permits hospital bioethics committees to impose members/doctors’ values that a patient’s life is not worth living based on quality of life. A story just out shows the injustice of the process — a terrible law about which I wrote in more detail. On August 6, a 12-year-old […]

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Texas Should Not Let Doctors Charge for Adult Stem Cell Research

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC I oppose off-label prescribing. I oppose states legalizing medical marijuana when it should be done by changing the Controlled Substances Act. I oppose novel interventions upon the disabled, such as “Ashley’s Treatment,” without proper regulatory studies and approval. I would certainly oppose a state allowing […]

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